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Forex | Comex | Crypto Currencies | World Indices

About RTQuote

We are a group of qualified analysts with intense experience especially in the field of Technical Analysis and launched RTQuote which provide Realtime Data for plotting charts in Amibroker. We have covered all Domestic as well as International Markets in this software. We have been present in the Stock Markets since the past 20 years.The traders and Investors in Indian Stock Markets, needs the best guidance all the time and we hope to provide the pick of stock analysts and technical analysts in one place.We believe investing is a scientific activity which requires a great deal of planning and discipline.

We know that each investor/trader has his or her own tolerance for risk, a varying level of knowledge of the markets, and different personal financial requirements.Our philosophy is to get to know you and your needs, and to make suggestions that would allow you to achieve your investment goals.We advice our clients the strategies to be followed while investing in the stock market for successful trading.

We will continually strive to raise product and service standards by intelligent application of technology and processes.

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  Trade like a pro now !
     One software for Domestic & International Markets.
  High Speed Tick by Tick Realtime Data for Amibroker.
  Equity, Futures, Options (Weekly & Monthly), Currency,
     Commodity, Agri Commodity

Historical Intraday Data (IEOD)

  •  Back Test your Auto Buy Sell Strategy using Historical Intraday      Data.
  •   Historical Intraday Data is in ASCII format which can be easily
         exported to Amibroker.
  •   Data will be prepared and delivered within 24-72 hrs.